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Finding Joy in the Little Things: Appreciating Life's Small Details

by Felicia Rabb, Owner + Lead Planner

Life happens in the most mundane moments.

Moments you actually may find that you’re not that present in.

So many people have the wrong idea. They think the memories, the best parts of life, are in all of the large events. They wait for those.

They skip over everything else because they want to get to that moment.

5:00 p.m. Friday. Summer. Vacation.

Those little moments mean so much. Don’t let them pass you by. It’s in these tiny moments that thankfulness becomes primary.

I'm slightly obsessed with the little things.

For me?

It’s the evenings.

When I’m in the kitchen, and the back door is open. (Never mind my fiancées comments about, “Were you raised in a barn?”)

I usually have my 90’s country playlist blaring.

And I’m washing dishes. Or making dinner.

The pig and the dog are underfoot.

It would appear that while I was not raised in a barn, I’m striving to live in one now.

I'm barefoot, sipping a glass of my favorite wine, + singing along to Reba, terribly off-key.

Maybe the house is a little messy.

Maybe there’s a load of unfolded laundry beside the dining room table.

My fiancée would like for you to know that there definitely is unfolded laundry.

It’s lived in. It’s loved. And it’s mine.

And I feel that gratefulness wash over me.

That's a really big moment for me.

The defining moments are really hidden in the little details, and I think that’s why I love planning weddings so much.

I always want my couples to realize that the most memorable parts of the day aren’t going to happen at the most obvious times.

Of course the ceremony is going to be magical. Absolutely.

But what about this -

When you first wake up that morning, surrounded by all of your favorite people in the whole world.

They’ve traveled from all over to be here with you + celebrate you.

You stumble sleepily into the kitchen for that first pot of coffee, because the glam squad will be here any moment.

And you realize, it’s here. The day is finally here.

That’s a moment, y’all.

One you need to stop for + soak it all in.

When you’re getting ready with your girls, the 90’s R+B throwbacks are going strong, + the bubbly is flowing.

Not too much, of course. Your planner reminded you that too much champers might make you puffy. 😉

And you realized how loved you are. How truly blessed beyond measure - to have these friends. This day.

Instead of spending the whole day focused on the ceremony - getting to it - and all the feels that come with that.

Take each + every little moment as it comes.

Relish it, truly, as it unfolds.

Don’t waste your small moments waiting for Friday.

Don’t waste your wedding rushing through the little moments.

Jennifer Smith has a beautiful quote, “Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse—millions of tiny moments that create your love story.”

Let that sink in.

These little, seemingly insignificant moments are part of the larger story. They are part of the love story that we are continuously creating.

Have you ever set down to watch a show on Netflix, + the next thing you know, you're 6 episodes deep + you don't even know what day is is anymore?

I've lost entire weeks binging "Criminal Minds."

Wedding days are kindaaaaa like that.

It's not uncommon for my couple's to tell me at the end of the reception that the evening was very much a blur.

This is a major reason I'm so intentional with my timelines.

While I have to create structure for the day to flow properly, I also want to allow beautiful moments to happen organically.

And if all else fails, I'll be there to remind you to be present + soak in the very best moments of all.

- with love from Fe

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