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Felicia Answers Questions 


Do I really need a wedding planner? 

Ultimately, a wedding planner is an expert in event production. Weddings can be quite a large investment, so it only makes sense to invest in the guidance of a professional to ensure all you're wanting for your Big Day can become a reality. 

"Wedding planning is my full time job. I'm submerged in the wedding industry day in + day out. I know what works + what doesn't. I can help guide the process + steer couples in the best direction for what they're looking for, + save them so much time on places + vendors that are not right for them," says Felicia Rabb, owner and lead planner with Felicia by Design. "Weddings are a large expense with many moving parts, so there should always be a professional wedding planner leading the process so you do not miss anything or book the wrong things or places."

Here's the thing: Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Even if you're accustomed to being organized or have a Type A personality, wedding planning is a big undertaking— + one you honestly might not have time for.

"Until someone plans a wedding, they truly have no clue how much work + time it takes," says Morgan Ryan, associate planner with FBD. "It's so easy to think, 'I can do this quickly + easily,' but the reality is nothing good is done quickly or without work."

So how much work really goes into planning a wedding?

"The average wedding can have up to 20 vendors + take over a year to plan, which means thousands of emails, hundreds of phone calls, countless venue visits + meetings—it's a full time job to plan a wedding," Morgan Ryan says. 

Can I DIY my florals or have my friend bake my wedding cake?

This is absolutely no hate to anyone who wants to DIY their wedding, just simply a professionals advice + guidance to help you avoid a stressful planning process.

I love when a couple wants to be hands-on during the creative process of planning a wedding, it can really add so much sentimental value to your big day + allows you to be involved in a unique way. We’ve had a few DIY clients that had artistic backgrounds + it was an amazing experience. 

However - I cannot stress this enough - your wedding day is really not the day to test out your artistic skills. Elements like floral design, photography + baking are not easy. They’re just not. That’s why professionals spend years perfecting their craft, studying, learning + charging their worth. 

At Felicia by Design, we believe certain things should be left to the professionals. That's why we have a policy in place that does not allow certain elements of the wedding to be handled DIY style. 

Truthfully, DIY usually ends up costing more than hiring a professional. Not only that, you end up investing so much of your own time into trying to pull something together while majorly stressing yourself out. Additionally, if you eliminate the florist element, someone still has to be brought in to set up + install said arrangements, light candles, break everything down, clean up, etc.

The reality of it is, DIY is almost never better.

What does a wedding planner do?

I think a better question would be, "What doesn't a wedding planner do?"

Wedding planners help couples take their wedding ideas to reality from start to finish with every detail managed + years of experience to make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten: From helping them find a venue to sourcing + managing all vendors, wedding planners make the process smoother + allow for couples to focus on the fun, their family + loved ones. Hiring a wedding planner can ensure you don't make a costly mistake or simply get behind in your planning process. 

There's a tried + true process to the way wedding planning should go, + we've got it pretty down pat.

Where are you based?

Officially, we’re based in the Santa Rosa Beach area. But we’re going anywhere you’re going!

Felicia by Design is available to service couples anywhere in the world. Not only that, we're experts when it comes to destination weddings. 

We also offer discounted or adjusted rates for our planning services if it's somewhere we're really interested in planning a wedding! Our current desired destinations are:

  • Tulum, Mexico

  • Santorini, Greece

  • Paris, France 

  • Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington

  • St. John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon

  • Vibiana in Los Angeles, California

  • The Ice House in Phoenix, Arizona  

  • Terrain in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

  • Basilica Hudson in Hudson, New York

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