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Felicia Answers Questions 

The Questions : FAQ

Do I really need a wedding planner? 

On average, it takes 250 – 500 hours to plan a wedding so it goes without saying having a professional wedding planner will save you time.

A professional wedding planner will not only save you time, but money too.

Often couples will book a wedding planner after “going about it solo” + will have perhaps made a few decisions which require additional expenditure further down the line.

Having a wedding planner on board at the early stages of planning will ensure you book the best vendors for you + your budget the first time around.

Your wedding planner will ensure all initial quotes sent from vendors will include everything you need to make your day happen from the beginning of the process. This ensures you (and them!) are able to manage the budget appropriately + plan your wedding day smoothly.

We will work together to create not only a wedding which looks incredible, but feels incredible too. Having someone to discuss your ideas, + essentially, make it happen for you whilst offering advice along the way, will in turn, relieve the stress off the two of you throughout your engagement too. This leaves you to focus on the necessities – your relationship, your engagement + all the fun parts of planning a wedding!

Can I DIY my florals or have my friend bake my wedding cake?

This is absolutely no hate to anyone who wants to DIY their wedding, just simply a professionals advice + guidance to help you avoid a stressful planning process.

I love when a couple wants to be hands-on during the creative process of planning a wedding, it can really add so much sentimental value to your big day + allows you to be involved in a unique way. We’ve had a few DIY clients that had artistic backgrounds + it was an amazing experience. 

However - I cannot stress this enough - your wedding day is really not the day to test out your artistic skills. Elements like floral design, photography + baking are not easy. They’re just not. That’s why professionals spend years perfecting their craft, studying, learning + charging their worth. 

At Felicia by Design, we believe certain things should be left to the professionals. That's why we have a policy in place that does not allow certain elements of the wedding to be handled DIY style. 

Truthfully, DIY usually ends up costing more than hiring a professional. Not only that, you end up investing so much of your own time into trying to pull something together while majorly stressing yourself out. Additionally, if you eliminate the florist element, someone still has to be brought in to set up + install said arrangements, light candles, break everything down, clean up, etc.

The reality of it is, DIY is almost never better.

We love planning so we don't want to feel we are not involved. How would this work?

As your wedding planner, I am always really conscious in ensuring all my couples feel they are in control of their day, + the decisions made. Some couples like to be more involved than others but essentially, you can be involved as much, or as little as you would like!

How have you put together your list of recommended creative partners?

I have worked within the events + weddings industry on the Florida Gulf Coast for 10 years + therefore have built an extensive list of recommended vendors across the area + beyond over time, fine tuning + tweaking along the way.

All vendors recommended to you are done so upon merit + of the feeling they are best suited for your plans.

I will recommend different suppliers to different couples, based on their budget, needs and style.

How much does a wedding planner cost?

The fees for professional wedding planners really vary - however there is an old age saying which ties in nicely with this – you get what you pay for – there are certainly wedding planners who are cheaper than Felicia by Design, + some who more expensive.

In broad terms, the cost can vary depending on a few factors; how far into the wedding planning stage you are, how experienced the wedding planner is, how complex your wedding plans are + how much wedding planning assistance and guidance you would like.

Depending on the year, location and involvement, these minimum fees will vary as explained above.

To learn more about our services, please visit here.

Do you require a deposit & offer a payment plan?


Deposits vary depending on the planning service you have booked with payments scheduled throughout the planning process. 

All payments for services are made before your wedding date.

How can I find out more about your services?

If you would like more information, the next step is to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss your plans in more detail + how best I can help you.

Throughout the planning of your wedding, we’ll probably talk more than you will with some friends, so it’s important to get a feel for each other and find out if we’re a great match! 

Following our consultation, I will create a bespoke quote, which will contain details of my services tailored to your needs. 

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